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Highlands Ranch Mansion

The Highlands Ranch Mansion is truly a remarkable venue. Located within the Highlands Ranch Historic Park, it features a 27,000 square foot mansion, surrounded by historic barns & pastures.

The mansion is also decorated in a range of historic periods representing the many families that have lived there and giving it a unique charm. If you're looking for a one-of-a-kind venue for your wedding day, the Highlands Ranch Mansion is the perfect choice.

This venue has beautiful spaces everywhere you turn, from the landscaped grounds and expansive vistas to the stunning architectural details. It'll be a place your guests won't soon forget.

The history of the mansion is incredible as well. Click below to take a step back in time...History of the Mansion

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Highlands Ranch Wedding

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The Property

There are nearly a dozen beautiful and unique outdoor areas at the Highlands Ranch Mansion. From Marian's Garden, to the Front Circle drive, you'll find so many gorgeous places for photos. We love this because it gives you flexibility to always find the perfect light, and adds variety to your photos.

The Space

When you rent the Highlands Ranch Mansion for your big day, you're renting the entire 27,000 square foot facility. This gives you the freedom and privacy to wander around, and take advantage of all the beautiful spots for photos.

The Staff

The experienced staff will help you create the perfect setting for your special day. From delicious cuisine to exquisite decor, they will provide the best service possible.

Much more!

Getting Ready at Highlands Ranch

The Bridal Suite

The Card Room

The bridal suite at the Mansion is a dream. You and your girls will be provided three rooms to get ready in. It'll make you feel like you're putting your wedding dress on in a vintage castle. The suite and large mirror also offer a nice backdrop for photos as you prepare for your day.

The card room is furnished with leather chairs and cool tables to hang out. It's a place where the guys can be comfortable and relaxed before the day begins. It makes you feel like you're straight out of a movie.

Your Ceremony at Highlands Ranch Mansion

There are many gorgeous spots to say "I do" at this beautiful mansion, all giving a dreamy feel. Here are a few of our favorites:

The Front Veranda

West Lawn

Front Circle

Historic Gate

East Lawn

Marian's Garden

Back Patio & Garden

Gazebo & Solarium

Our Favorite Photo Spots

Couples Photos

There's really no way to go wrong at Highlands Ranch Mansion. There are spectacular views everywhere you turn. We are familiar with every beautiful spot.

Here are a few of our favorites:

The Best First Look Spots:

Walking out the front door

The Back Garden

The Solarium

The Living Room

The Best Places for Couples' Photos:

Marian's Garden

The Front of the Mansion

The Back Garden

The Carriage House

The Driveway with the Gate

The West Lawn

The Front Circle

Wedding Party + Family Formals

There are so many wide open, scenic spaces at Highlands Ranch, which are always perfect for large group shots. It's so much fun getting creative with these in these unique spots. Here are a few of our favorites:

Wedding Party

The West Lawn

Front Steps of the House

Marian's Garden

The Back Garden

Family Formals

Depending on the lighting, we normally suggest family photos take place at your ceremony site, that way we can capture your beautiful decor.

The Sunsets

One of our favorite things about Highlands Ranch Mansion.

The views at Highlands Ranch provide some of the best magic hour light and sunsets in the world. Our favorite photo spot is right outside the gates on the West side of the property. The tall grass, mountains and glowing sunsets are incredible. We always recommend planning time for sunset photos.

Party Time at Highlands Ranch

Your Wedding Reception

The Great Hall

The Great Hall has beautiful stone walls and wooden floors. The room allows you to create a masterpiece with your decor or leave it simple and let it be a statement on its own. It's perfect for dinner and transitioning into toasts and dances.

The Send Off

It's always magical to do a send off when you leave your castle wedding. We highly recommend it and can help with ideas!

More Highlands Ranch Moments

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Brooke + Seth

Anna + David

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